Mabany Masr team always works to be better and more modern and up to date with all the world trends.
We aim to be a trendsetter in our industry and one of the pioneers in it, and that’s why we decided to go for a new change for better visual identity and technical presence that supports our vision.

Our new logo which is designed by The Mixers to introduce our concept of modern and unique design, featuring the letter M which is the first letter in both nouns forming our name Mabany Masr, with a touch of sand and watercolours which are the main materials that pool construction and construction, in general, is based on.

Our new company profile & portfolio speak for us and our history of success and excellence, not to mention the live photos from the construction sites.

Moreover our website also got a new look to match the new innovative identity and became more organized, detailed to support you in better navigation and help you connect with us and follow our latest projects and news.

Mabany Masr is at your service wherever you are, and always looks up to serve you best